just how do the indications flirt? What exactly is their style in accordance with Venus?

just how do the indications flirt? What exactly is their style in accordance with Venus?

Venus in Virgo

You go into “flirt mode” you tend to “act to attract” in some of the following ways if you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart, when

Pure. You seem “proper” and courteous and conservative and clean, also “virginal”. You may come across as “reserved” – as holding right back your feelings, and also as keepin constantly your affections “reserved” for the partner that is proper.

Mindful of details. You note one’s preferences and focus on their requirements and desires. You “notice” small things concerning the one you wish, and could point out them. You might make an effort to help “organize” or help the one out whom appeals to you, and also this is a means of “flirting” for you personally. You try to make it appropriate to what you think the person needs, or is interested in, or would be “useful” to them when you give a little gift.

Clever. You seem witty, rational, analytical, and perceptive. You behave as a g d listener, and take part in smart conversation.

Discriminating. You show flavor, course, and manners that are g d. The thing is that what needs “fixing” in a single you wish, and may also unconsciously clean lint from their clothes or fix their tie or locks or that are“fuss them. If you don’t careful, you’re t critical of just one you l k after (however it’s an indicator you will be interested).

Adaptable. You seem prepared to compromise or change in order to enhance a relationship, or even to attract usually the one you wish.

Indispensable. You then become therefore useful and helpful into the one you want, that they wind up dependent on you. (just like the personal assistant who ultimately seduces her boss.)

In the event that earth Venus is within the sign Virgo then your overwhelming need in love is have the thing of one’s potential love pass some very discriminating tests before you’re really ready to step into love. Continue reading »