12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

Concern to a 12V Guru

Maybe one item that your particular guru may prefer to deal with is the addition of the caravan that is second to a preexisting caravan 12V system that presently only has one household battery pack. Exactly What shall we think about whenever evaluating the ability to accept the additional battery pack, choosing the brand new battery pack, as well as the fitting and wiring? For reference caravan, may it is suggested a Jayco Silverline?

Best regards, Bob Murray

12V Guru answers

Thank you for your concern. Numerous RVers find one battery is not enough to service their requirements, specially on a van such as a Silverline where there are lots of appliances.

Join the batteries in parallel

To possess a two battery pack set-up, you will need to join the batteries in ‘parallel’ where in fact the good terminals are linked together basically utilizing the negative. Utilize dense cable such as 8.4mm2 (AWG 8) and quality battery pack lugs. a synchronous configuration increases the ability of one’s system in Amps and maintains the nominal voltage at 12V DC, which will be what your van needs. Therefore, two 12V batteries that are 100Ah this way offers you 200Ah ability at 12V.

Maximise the worth of the system that is large

To increase the worth whenever installing a more substantial system, make certain you have actually two batteries associated with the chemistry that is same age and also make. Different battery pack chemistries such as for instance AGM, gel, calcium have different charging voltage needs and you also could not have the two batteries precisely charged to behave as you. Likewise, a deep cycle battery in synchronous having a beginner (cranking) battery pack are affected as you will find construction distinctions internally in these batteries.

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