User Agreement. Link or Unlink a Payment Method

User Agreement. Link or Unlink a Payment Method

Business PayPal accounts might be at the mercy of charges that change from the costs relevant to individual reports.

By setting up a small business PayPal account or transforming a personal PayPal account to a small business PayPal account, you certify to us it primarily for a business or commercial purpose that you are using. You consent to PayPal getting your individual and/or company credit file from a credit reporting agency at account opening and once we fairly think there could be an elevated level of danger payday loans in Mississippi related to your online business PayPal account.

Commercial Entity Reputation

If the task through any sort of PayPal account you own hits specific thresholds or involves business that is certain or tasks, you might be required by the card systems to consent to a Commercial Entity contract to allow you to carry on accepting Visa and MasterCard re re re payments. These commercial Entity Agreements will apply to any payment processed by PayPal on your behalf and will form part of this user agreement in this case.

Closing Your PayPal Account

You might close your PayPal account and end your relationship you will remain liable for all obligations related to your PayPal account even after the PayPal account is closed with us at any time without cost, but. Whenever you close your PayPal account, we are going to cancel any scheduled or incomplete deals. You must withdraw or transfer any funds held in your Cash Account before closing your personal PayPal account, and closing a personal PayPal account will result in PayPal automatically closing any linked Cash Account if you have a Cash Account linked to a personal PayPal Account. Continue reading »